The Club Patron App – User Guide

The Club Patron app allows you to connect with your club using your mobile device.  You can make restaurant bookings, view upcoming events and bistro/restaurant menus.  The app also allows you to check your loyalty points, purse balances and vouchers.  It even contains your virtual membership card.Patron App webpage

How do I ‘Login’ to the Club Patron App?

  • You should only need to ‘login’ the first time you use the app after installing it – a ‘Login’ button will appear on the main screen
    • If you delete the app and reinstall it later, or if you clear the app’s data, you will need to ‘login’ again
  • The “Member#” is your member number on your club membership card
  • Once you’ve entered your member number, you will need to press on “Request Password”
  • An SMS or email will be sent to you with a password – you need to enter it in the space provided and press  ‘Login’
    • If you don’t receive your SMS or email, contact your club to ensure that they have your correct details on file

How can I make a Restaurant bookings using the Club Patron app?

  • On the main screen of the Club Patron app, press on the ‘Restaurant’ option to make your booking
  • Enter the details of your booking, including Location, Date/Time, Number of Customers, and any other Comments you’d like to add (eg. “outside table please”)
  • Press ‘Book Now!’ – you should receive a confirmation SMS
  • Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance
    • Please note that some clubs do not allow bookings via the app on extremely short notice – if your desired time is not available, call the club directly
  • Most clubs set a maximum of persons (commonly configured to 10) allowed to be booked through the Club Patron app, so to make a booking for anything over the set maximum you will need to call the club directly
  • If you need to call the club, press on the phone number at the bottom of the screen

What is my ‘virtual membership card’?

  • On the main screen of the Club Patron app, press on the ‘Card’ option to see your virtual membership card
  • This includes a barcode that can be scanned at any POS or ENTRY terminal in your club where there is a barcode scanner
  • So if you forget or misplace your physical membership card, present your virtual membership card instead!

How do I view my Club Vouchers?

  • Vouchers can be awarded by the club for various promotional reasons
  • To view your vouchers, press the Menu button on the main screen of the Club Patron app (3 horizontal lines, top left corner) and select ‘Vouchers’
  • If you wish to use a voucher,  present your virtual member card for scanning when making purchases to which the voucher will apply and ask club staff to use your available voucher
    • Important: Some club promotions will only be valid when you scan your virtual member card found in the Club Patron app
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